Day 8: Strength and Stretch

Strength and stretch Rest day part 2 went great. I was feeling pretty sick actually, or as though I was to become sick physically and mentally if I didn’t finish all my studying and go to bed early so I took the day off. Not idea I know, but I figured its better to stay healthy and skip a short 30 min workout then chance missing a run day… we shall see if it pays off


Day 7: 4 mile run

Overall a good run. Skipped the protein shake and opted for 3 glasses of water and traditional breakfast with my man. Had a late start since I was at the ED with a friend all night. So the run was a bit warm aka 80 degrees. But i suppose running in LA during the summer will mean I’m going to experience some high heats, so I guess I should get used to it. But yes, the run, success, legs still feeling pretty good. Trying to massage my feet to avoid any small bouts of plantar fasciitis No icing or anything yet which is a relief. I’m sure that will change as the runs get longer though. Had a great rest day Friday and mellow Saturday of cross training, Monday will probably be yoga again!

HM training Day 4: 3 mile run + strength

I think one of that hardest things about training for this race is having to acknowledge it’s not my top priority in life, yet still expecting myself to never miss a day of training and do exceptionally well. Yes, I would love to wake up early, run, and then get on with my day, yet I cannot do that. Realistically, I am a better studier in the morning and so I need to study, in the morning… Which means running had to happen in night or in the hell of 97 degree weather which is set to plague us today. So night running… fine… just need some flashing lights and an orange jumpsuit. Actually no. I don’t need people thinking I’m fleeing the woman’s prison…. we shall stick with flashing lights and shiny neon (not orange) attire.

Yoga rather than 2m was a good call last night to say the least. a 2 mile run should be a celebration day but my free month of yoga will only last a month… indeed. Yoga was a stretch-fest and success. The 3 mile today should get me back on track + strength. the + strength will be interesting I don’t really know what I’ll be doing for that but it would be cool if it involved big ropes of rolling giant tires down the street or whatever all that random stuff is you see on TV. Anyways, study break over back to the books, the real priority in my life

HM Training Day 3: 2 mile run or Cross training

So day 2 was way more of a struggle than it should have been. 3 mile run. Given that I do that, regularly, in my normal life you would imagine that should not be exceptionally difficult. However, it took about 30 minutes to get dressed and some yells from the boyfriend to get me out the door and running. Which, of course due to Murphy’s Law, meant that it was exponentially hotter than it would have been the 45 minutes earlier if I had just got my ass up.

However the run was nice, the watery protein shake that followed was not (just not used to flavored drinks in the morning post run) BUT it did keep me full all morning which is was grateful for.


Today… I have delayed my 2 mile run… and shall likely opt instead for Yogaworks… that is if I can convince my boyfriend to accompany me to the 80s themed 75 minute ab working fest. If not, I may just try a short night run and escape the heat for another day… I am loving the 90 degree weather minus the fact that I’m forced to be inside studying and if I am outside its only to lug 30 lbs of books from school to the car to the house.

Alas, first world problems. Overall, feeling quite energetic, mentally, and my legs are doing alright… I shall look back on these moments once I’ve logged 100 miles and laugh I’m sure.

Half Marathon Training Day 1: Strength and stretch

DAY 1: Strength and stretch – Yogaworks

Haven’t even worked out and I already had my first protein shake today… in anticipation. JK just because I am hungry and we need to get through the milk actually, quite quickly. It smelled really scary, plasticy and fakeish when we first smelled the mocha cappuccino flavored 100% whey protein (wtf?)  but it actually tastes pretty good. The smell is again scary but taste good, so proteiny ha. Yeah so starting off this anticlimactic two and a half month training program with a yoga sesh tonight. Which should be underwhelming, but at least it will force me to move without having to try. Yay, I’m kind of scared for this, but I’m hoping just to stay focused and take it slow and get through all this training! Yay for July 19th, only 12 weeks away!

Good Easter

I was up in LA on Good Friday so I was denied my chance to make something hot and crossed, like last years hot crossed scones. Sooo I combined my easter craving for blueberry pancakes with hot crossed buns semi ala Joy The Baker .


The pic is pre-crossing, which I completed with lemon curd AND maple syrup (:.

The recipe can be found here. I subbed the oat flour for regular flour, kept the egg, and sprinkled in currants rather than blueberries (10-12 per cake).

I also cut the recipe in half for 8 pancakes.

They were honestly great. Like cake, so moist and rich I could only eat half the stack. But I’d highly recommend!!