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Headed to NOLA for the 3rd time for my interview at Tulane. It was awesome and I love the school.


Overlooking part of the med school with Charity hospital in the background.


They set up a bar in the lobby of the hotel for game day ha



Of course couldn’t skip a beignet  and a good cup of coffee from Cafe Du Monde


Nashville, TN

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in Nashville, TN. Even luckier that I was there to interview at Vanderbilt. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, and I certainly didn’t think I would fall in love with the school the way I did. I absolutely love it and would be honored to go to school there.

It’s a gorgeous campus. All old brick and lots of trees.

Chapman Quad

We also stopped by The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s residence in the early 1800s


Ironman. Mudman. The list goes on

Last weekend I took a a small trip out to Texas for a big event. Casey is now an iron man. He participated in the Memorial Hermann 140.6 mile swim, bike, and run. He rocked it, and was one of the youngest there. More pictures to come hopefully.

Start of the race

Casey on the bike to run transition

Crossing the finish line

11:58 hours later đŸ™‚

Of course it wouldn’t be Higginbotham race day unless everyone was invloved.. So indeed Ryan competed in a MudMash 10 mile obstacle run in SLO.

He came out strong (of the closet that is)

Scaling walls and such

He ended up getting second overall (: 

Hot Crossed Buns Scones for Good Friday

So I desperately have wanted to make these pretty much the entire year. But I was waiting for Good Friday. But I spent most of that day in the lab and then in a car. So I had to celebrate a day late on “good” Saturday ha. I made them for my family which was nice, given I never get to see them

I used my usual scone recipe from La Petit Brioche and replaced lemon with orange and blueberries with currants. Then piped them with melted white chocolate. It was a success


Last Spring Break I was fortunate enough to be able to go down to the Lower Ninth Ward with my best friend and volunteer for the week. (excellent pictures here).

This year I was lucky enough to do the same.

Though, I will say the trip was completely different…

…For one thing, we road tripped

Fort Stockton, TX where we stayed the way there.

It took us 14 hours the first day and 12 the second. But we arrived in Uptown on Saturday night and stayed at my friends cousins’ house.

Uptown is great. It’s small town-y but kind of modern, right by Tulane, a little reminiscent of SLO. Really, really great food too.

Her cousin’s blue house was amazing. He’s a cool guy. Gave us home brewed beer and took us out both to Oak Street Cafe which is a mix of Cajun-California food (run by a San Diegan) and it was great.

We spent Sunday touring Downtown and then worked all week. It was a great trip overall. I feel like I got to know so much more about New Orleans from last time and learned some clutch spots. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back there some time soon.

Please donate to Lower Nine.

I will completely vouch for this organization. Usually I am skeptical about giving to nonprofits because you don’t necessarily know if the money is going to the right places. But they work directly with locals, to provide what residents need. It’s not about fulfilling the interests of government or us volunteers but about helping the people of New Orleans how they need to be helped. It’s an incredible organization and I hope it continues to be supported in the future.

There is still much to be done.