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Amy’s mixer in all it’s glory.



Finally got everything into the new house… unpacking, another story, likely not going to happen until August (Princeton job ends) and my dumb boy friend moves out (jk I love him). Though,


The kitchen. Most important room in the house. Is now set up and ready for action. Kitchenaid mixer from Amy in route.

The living room has a couch, check two of great success. plus a lovely surfing photo.

Finals Week

The doom of finals week is upon us. This week only means piles of dirty dishes, roommates coming back from the library at 3am, endless studying, bags under the eyes, fatigue, exhaustion, wearing the same sweatshirt for days on end (I’m not kidding i’m 4 days strong). I’m so tempted to be like, “well, that’s college” and admit it’s acceptability because I’ll supposedly graduate and never maintain these habits again. Oh wait. I’m going to med school. Then residence. Then a life of being on call. wtf? Am I to only regress in socially acceptable standards of living?