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Day 9: 3 mile run

Day 9 went pretty well. Again it was a me laying on the ground with one shoe one and the boyfriend yelling at me kind of day… but I’m mostly come to the realization that that’s how training will be, at least until the school year is over. The run felt not bad. It cooled down to 65 so that was primetime. Legs hurt a bit. I definitely need to kick up the stretching. No protein shake (: I’m avoiding as much as possible because I’ve learned the chocolate mocha cappuccino is not really my game… maybe once we use this up I’ll go for a more tame flavor since I’m definitely not as advanced as 3 flavors in one whey shake ha. Alas, off to study!


Half Marathon Training Day 1: Strength and stretch

DAY 1: Strength and stretch – Yogaworks

Haven’t even worked out and I already had my first protein shake today… in anticipation. JK just because I am hungry and we need to get through the milk actually, quite quickly. It smelled really scary, plasticy and fakeish when we first smelled the mocha cappuccino flavored 100% whey protein (wtf?)  but it actually tastes pretty good. The smell is again scary but taste good, so proteiny ha. Yeah so starting off this anticlimactic two and a half month training program with a yoga sesh tonight. Which should be underwhelming, but at least it will force me to move without having to try. Yay, I’m kind of scared for this, but I’m hoping just to stay focused and take it slow and get through all this training! Yay for July 19th, only 12 weeks away!