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Took an amazing (and short) trip to Portland, OR to see OHSU a few days back. I had a great time and the city is absolutely beautiful.









Headed to NOLA for the 3rd time for my interview at Tulane. It was awesome and I love the school.


Overlooking part of the med school with Charity hospital in the background.


They set up a bar in the lobby of the hotel for game day ha



Of course couldn’t skip a beignet ¬†and a good cup of coffee from Cafe Du Monde

Nashville, TN

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in Nashville, TN. Even luckier that I was there to interview at Vanderbilt. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, and I certainly didn’t think I would fall in love with the school the way I did. I absolutely love it and would be honored to go to school there.

It’s a gorgeous campus. All old brick and lots of trees.

Chapman Quad

We also stopped by The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s residence in the early 1800s



Well, I’m finally done with my secondary apps for med school. I think I will weirdly be sad to see them go. While I have resented the abundance of essays that I was certainly not planning on writing, I will miss the constant reminder that I am on the path to somewhere. I say somewhere specifically, because, alas, I am still unsure of where exactly I am going. But not to get side tracked.

To be frank, the hardest questions were about how I have over come adversity. The diversity questions got easier once I figured out something appropriate to talk about, aka “my diverse clinical experiences”.

I think my favorite question was USC’s one main essay: If you had work cancelled and 3 hours free in the afternoon what would you do?

It did get easier as it went on.

Now it’s just the waiting game, so far no real news

I need a hobby



So. this will be a big week for me. It is the culmination of many things. Many important things that I have been working towards for awhile.

Last night I submitted my apps to med school. That was one long finish in the making. So now is the waiting game. Apps won’t get processed until the end of July. July/August I should get back secondaries (which are pretty much just essays), and then interviews can range from August-March so that’s really the waiting game.

Today I got certified in Phlebotomy. Win! Even thought it’s just through the VA I was able to hit 25 sticks and get my certification. I’ve been working on that for a few months but it’s nice to finally have it.

My last day as an undergraduate student is tomorrow. Wow, I never really thought the day of my last final in undergrad would ever approach. I’m totally underprepared and should be studying right now. But it really just has not hit me yet that college is ending.

Graduation is in 11 days. Yeah….. still hasn’t hit me

Finals Week

The doom of finals week is upon us. This week only means piles of dirty dishes, roommates coming back from the library at 3am, endless studying, bags under the eyes, fatigue, exhaustion, wearing the same sweatshirt for days on end (I’m not kidding i’m 4 days strong). I’m so tempted to be like, “well, that’s college” and admit it’s acceptability because I’ll supposedly graduate and never maintain these habits again. Oh wait. I’m going to med school. Then residence. Then a life of being on call. wtf? Am I to only regress in socially acceptable standards of living?