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St. Patricks Day

We clearly celebrated in style (you can almost note the McCarthy shirt that Pat is sporting)IMG_0020


Birthday weekend

Birthday weekend round-up.

I presumed turning 22 would be a little underwhelming, given that last year was slightly out of control.

but leave it to my wonderful boyfriend to make it special (despite having to get up at the crack of dawn to get my pre-op blood draws from the OR).

Yes i was awoken at 6am (why?) BUT with coffee and muffin in tow (which turned out to be my only food of the day since I forgot my wallet.

Nonetheless, he came with presents, a ridiculous card, and a promise of good dinner later.

We ended up going to Sushi Deli and stuffing face with loveliness.

Twas great.

Then of course got to spend some time with mis padres at their hotel, with a seriously ridiculous view, which was awesome, despite the actual Padres losing the baseball game. It was a great weekend, definitely a birthday to remember.