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Day: 20–5 mile run

Yay I did it! Honestly I’m more happy I could come up with a suitable route than actually being physically capable of running 5 miles. It went well. A little leg/the normal foot pain. Bought some insoles though! Another mellow week and 5 mile run ahead…. now time to begin dreading the 6 mile run…


Day 15: 3.5 mile run

Ahh I was too busy stressing about my 5 mile Sunday¬†to really soak up that I’m doing 3.5s Tu/Th now. But alas, I sacked up and created a new 3.5 mile route that I can do twice a week that takes me a little off the beaten path. And when I say off the beaten path what I really mean is through a neighborhood that looks straight out of Friday The 13th. Thank the lord that my boyfriend was an angel and agreed to bike next to me so I could push it back to 9pm but seriously if I had done it alone I probably would have ran 7 minute miles or something ridiculous because I would have been sprinting my ass off to get off that creepy street. Overall it was a good run. beautiful 70 degrees, I still couldn’t believe I was sweating that much so late at night. But it was a refreshing break from the norm having a running companion and ditching Pandora music for once. And I didn’t even think twice about downing a protein shake because I’ve learned skipping a meal pre-run is probably not ideal…

HM Training Day 3: 2 mile run or Cross training

So day 2 was way more of a struggle than it should have been. 3 mile run. Given that I do that, regularly, in my normal life you would imagine that should not be exceptionally difficult. However, it took about 30 minutes to get dressed and some yells from the boyfriend to get me out the door and running. Which, of course due to Murphy’s Law, meant that it was exponentially hotter than it would have been the 45 minutes earlier if I had just got my ass up.

However the run was nice, the watery protein shake that followed was not (just not used to flavored drinks in the morning post run) BUT it did keep me full all morning which is was grateful for.


Today… I have delayed my 2 mile run… and shall likely opt instead for Yogaworks… that is if I can convince my boyfriend to accompany me to the 80s themed 75 minute ab working fest. If not, I may just try a short night run and escape the heat for another day… I am loving the 90 degree weather minus the fact that I’m forced to be inside studying and if I am outside its only to lug 30 lbs of books from school to the car to the house.

Alas, first world problems. Overall, feeling quite energetic, mentally, and my legs are doing alright… I shall look back on these moments once I’ve logged 100 miles and laugh I’m sure.