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“Microbes maketh man”

Healthcare potentially changed by the microbes that rule our gut

at Economist


K-E Diet

The K-E Diet is a new trend to sweep brides everywhere. Usually I can find ways to rationalize crash dieting, mostly to keep myself from yelling at everyone around me. But I have a serious problem with someone subjecting themselves to a feeding tube to lose weight. People are forced to wear feeding tubes for serious medical conditions, and now people are doing it willingly? Our culture is sick, I don’t know how we will ever recover from our image/material obsession and realize the important things in life.


Looks like I couldn’t have spoke much sooner – check CNN for a great article that seems to agree with my sentiments

Great Article on Surgery Costs

(See the link in the post below for the article)

Basically insurance companies are trying to make the price of surgeries readily available so patients can “shop around for surgery”

Note the graph… stunning differences of up to $5,000 just based on the hospital the procedure was carried out in. Not to mention, I doubt there is little difference in quality of health care…