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VO2 Max Test

winning. ha. the things you do as an undergrad research assistant. Always gotta test out the equipment.


Through the looking glass

We fertilized sea urchin eggs in class. It was rad, only baby making I’ll be doing for a while ha. You can see a small clear membrane around each black circle(egg), the membrane is the fertilization envelope. The purpose is to prevent polyspermy (aka more than one sperm/ egg) and to protect the embryo. Kind of rad huh?

Newfound love

So I have always been a self-described enthusiastic for clinical work. But not to stop there, I have always proclaimed my hatred for the lab. Like many other students, I think it was the minutiae of regulations and facil point deductions of Gen Chem lab and Ochem lab that made me this way. I always thought that I would suck at bio lab, and feared the two required labs I knew I would have to take my senior year. Because of my fear of lab classes I never pursued a traditional lab I dreaded signing up for Biochemical techniques, my first bio lab that I’ve been taking this quarter. Not only was it taught by a professor I’ve had bad experiences with, but it was a 4 hour lab, twice a week. 4 hours. really?

Over the past 6 weeks I have been pleasantly surprised by my experiences in lab. We’ve done some really amazing experiments, and I’ve actually gotten to perform a lot of the things I have learned about in my textbook courses.

This was a LDH purification using affinity chromatography… the colors ¬†were caused dextran blue and Orange-G, two labeling dyes.

This was a gel electrophoresis plate we set up to separate two proteins with different amino acids…

And this gorgeous plate is a strain of JM109 DE3 bacteria that we engineered to glow hot pink… they express a protein extracted from deep sea coral that fluoresces.

It’s this stuff that I dig. Getting to see the real deal, the stuff I’ve learned about in action. It helps me to not only understand it so much better but I’ve developed an appreciation for Biochem that I never thought I would have.

A lab life is not the life for me…. but at least it is no longer a seeminly unimaginable alternative.

…..Just lurkin in lab ha.