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Finally got my picture from Run for your Lives. Aka run an obstacle 5K while zombies chase you trying to grab your flag football flags while inadvertently grabbing every part of your body while looking as though they will maul you to death. I will say I have never sprinted so vibrantly in my whole life, additionally I am prepared to say I am not quite as in shape as I would like to be for the Zombie apocalypse.

The bright side. As a team Pat and I “survived”. Go team. We each had one flag left at the end.

On the way…

Pat preppin the jersey


… After



Finally got everything into the new house… unpacking, another story, likely not going to happen until August (Princeton job ends) and my dumb boy friend moves out (jk I love him). Though,


The kitchen. Most important room in the house. Is now set up and ready for action. Kitchenaid mixer from Amy in route.

The living room has a couch, check two of great success. plus a lovely surfing photo.

Ironman. Mudman. The list goes on

Last weekend I took a a small trip out to Texas for a big event. Casey is now an iron man. He participated in the Memorial Hermann 140.6 mile swim, bike, and run. He rocked it, and was one of the youngest there. More pictures to come hopefully.

Start of the race

Casey on the bike to run transition

Crossing the finish line

11:58 hours later ­čÖé

Of course it wouldn’t be Higginbotham race day unless everyone was invloved..┬áSo indeed Ryan competed in a MudMash 10 mile obstacle run in SLO.

He came out strong (of the closet that is)

Scaling walls and such

He ended up getting second overall (: