About the Main Pic

Goleta, California. (1/29/12- ) I love this picture because it isn’t the sunset, but the sunrise, the first sunrise I have ever seen over the ocean. This was taken on my drive back down to SD from Christmas break. Hopefully I’ll be able to see a legitimate sunrise over the ocean on the East Coast.

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. (9/8//11-1/29/12) On our family trip to Cancun, we spent one of the days driving a bit south to visit the ruins at Tulum. Afterwards we searched for La Mezanine restaurant recommended by our host. It was an upper scale thai restaurant with incredible curry, but the views were even more exquisite. The beach was great and a lot less touristy than Cancun which was nice to experience.

Dubrovnik, Croatia. (4/18/11-9/8/11) After high school graduation I was able to jump on the family bandwagon and head to Croatia for my brothers’ water polo trip. This was great for many reasons, one of which was the ability to incredible new cities. Dubrovnik, the walled cities is a gem of Croatia, the Balkans, and really even Europe. Touring this city was remarkable, the history, the culture, the ocean! I will never forget this trip with the amazing experiences and beautiful sites.

New Orleans, LA. (4/5/11-4/18/11) After a grueling Red Eye Flight, I was able to hitchhike a ride to the French Quarter (sorry mom). There I went to Cafe Du Monde (the best), and made my way to Jackson Square to meet my best friend. We toured a bit and then decided to jump on the free ferry to Algiers. It was a beautiful day and it was great to get a panoramic of the city. This picture doesn’t show much of the architecture, but I loved it because the sky was so crisp that day. Totally foreshadowed an amazing Spring Break.

Shell Beach, CA. (3/29/11-4/5/11) This picture was my first time heading back to the beach after Spain. Ryan and I went down to Dino Caves, to potentially jump to get some good views of the ocean. It was a foggy day but nonetheless beautiful. SLO will always hold a place in my heart, no matter what far reaches of the earth I have found myself in. Great day spent with a great brother.

(3/13/11- 3/29/11) Barcelona, Spain. Towards the end of my time studying abroad we were given a 5 day weekend. Pro: 5 day weekend. Con: European weather in December. Luckily Barcelona is coastal so it really doesn’t get too cold. This was our 2nd day in, it was my friend Miste and I and we had just met up with the rest of our group. One of our friends, Chris, had a friend studying in Barcelona who decided to take us around to see the beach. This port was along the way there. It was beautiful here. I hadn’t seen anything like this yet, in Spain or in Europe really. The weather was great that day as well. Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen


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