Day 16: Yogaworks

Lovely night at yogaworks. I wasn’t feeling great before hand but coach pushed me into it. I’m actually glad I went, it was some needed stretching after a long few days and I even got a little crazy and did some inversions and a hand stand ha. I’m sure I will be cursing myself tomorrow when my arms feel like they are going to fall off. Surprisingly I did not throw up despite my large dinner immediately before hand, but again, the yoga class I take is mostly stretching and holding poses so I was in the clear. Another 100 degree day here in LA… supposed to be similar tomorrow so likely another night run on the menu… which means another night trip to death alley ha, maybe I will learn to love it. No protein shake tonight. Not too sore, though I really need some new shoes or insoles or something because I can feel my feet giving out and I’m way to early in the game for that. Actually, I’m cheap so I’ll probably just research various plantar fasciitis prevention techniques/alternative therapies from home!


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