Day 15: 3.5 mile run

Ahh I was too busy stressing about my 5 mile Sunday to really soak up that I’m doing 3.5s Tu/Th now. But alas, I sacked up and created a new 3.5 mile route that I can do twice a week that takes me a little off the beaten path. And when I say off the beaten path what I really mean is through a neighborhood that looks straight out of Friday The 13th. Thank the lord that my boyfriend was an angel and agreed to bike next to me so I could push it back to 9pm but seriously if I had done it alone I probably would have ran 7 minute miles or something ridiculous because I would have been sprinting my ass off to get off that creepy street. Overall it was a good run. beautiful 70 degrees, I still couldn’t believe I was sweating that much so late at night. But it was a refreshing break from the norm having a running companion and ditching Pandora music for once. And I didn’t even think twice about downing a protein shake because I’ve learned skipping a meal pre-run is probably not ideal…


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