A day without money.

Yesterday, and today really, have been days without money. Yes indeed, my car was broken into and my purse was taken. Mind you I was in a wealthy, La Jolla neighbor hood but according to the neighbors that’s it right there. Anyways, the crime scene was discovered at 8am yesterday and so started my day without money. I definitely embraced it, that and the fact that I had a full tank of gas, and I learned that having no money has pros and cons.

PRO: You can’t really run errands without money… well except for the cool ones like dropping off your dry cleaning and hanging out with the cool asian lady that actually speaks english, and actually knows how to dry clean clothes without losing them (but thats’ another story).

CON: Food. Either you’re not eating, or you’re going to have to go home. At which point you will being to start easting weift things you conjure up with whatever you can find in your fridge or pantry. Who cares if you had ahi tartar last night because guess what you’re going fish round two and breaking out that can of tuna. The pro is that you get really creative with the desserts your make. ie. “fast fudge” – bag of chocolate chips, can of sweetened condensed milk, vanilla. bingo.

Honestly. It was a surprisingly good day. I realized that I’m alive and if a broken window is the worst thing that happens to me this week then that’s okay. Honestly, everything in the car was replaceable… well almost everything.

What I will miss the most…

The wallet sized senior pictures of my brothers that I kept in my wallet.

The momento of my friends death

The pictures on my camera of Pat and I at the Getty

My scuba certification card…. damnit do I really have to get re-certed now because San Diego channel 12 news just did a big story about “wreck ally” lying just a few miles off the coast of SD.

But really, they are all just things, and that’s not what truly matters. So I think I’m coming out of this one with the upper hand, having learned a lesson and realized what is really important to me.




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