So at work they call me the cabbage and chocolate girl… simply because the two research projects I happen to coordinate at the VA are code name CABG and Chocolate ha.

So cabbage, is really CABG, which is coronary artery bypass graft surgery (aka open heart surgery)

So what did I get to do Thursday morning? Watch a CABG, a quadruple CABG.

It was awesome.


They can usually just take an artery from the chest cavity and reroute it, but for this gentleman they also had to extract a leg vein for extra blood flow. I got to see the leg vein removal the most, but I did get to stand immediately over the open chest and beating hard to see the LIM artery being attached to revert around the coronary blood reduction.

Definitely the best surgery I have ever gotten to see. I was certainly shocked by how mellow the whole thing was. It was just over abundantly intriguing, and I was there for less than half of  the 7 hour surgery (:


One thought on “CABG

  1. shelly

    CABG HURROH!! You are the greatest we understand…Dad says you are the greatest..of course we think so too


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