So. this will be a big week for me. It is the culmination of many things. Many important things that I have been working towards for awhile.

Last night I submitted my apps to med school. That was one long finish in the making. So now is the waiting game. Apps won’t get processed until the end of July. July/August I should get back secondaries (which are pretty much just essays), and then interviews can range from August-March so that’s really the waiting game.

Today I got certified in Phlebotomy. Win! Even thought it’s just through the VA I was able to hit 25 sticks and get my certification. I’ve been working on that for a few months but it’s nice to finally have it.

My last day as an undergraduate student is tomorrow. Wow, I never really thought the day of my last final in undergrad would ever approach. I’m totally underprepared and should be studying right now. But it really just has not hit me yet that college is ending.

Graduation is in 11 days. Yeah….. still hasn’t hit me


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