K-E Diet

The K-E Diet is a new trend to sweep brides everywhere. Usually I can find ways to rationalize crash dieting, mostly to keep myself from yelling at everyone around me. But I have a serious problem with someone subjecting themselves to a feeding tube to lose weight. People are forced to wear feeding tubes for serious medical conditions, and now people are doing it willingly? Our culture is sick, I don’t know how we will ever recover from our image/material obsession and realize the important things in life.


Looks like I couldn’t have spoke much sooner – check CNN for a great article that seems to agree with my sentiments


One thought on “K-E Diet

  1. shelly

    I saw this on the news last week and I was distraught……..don’t you think that this is an example of malpractice. I thought the Dr.s oath was to do no harm. Our society is way wacked


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