Last Spring Break I was fortunate enough to be able to go down to the Lower Ninth Ward with my best friend and volunteer for the week. (excellent pictures here).

This year I was lucky enough to do the same.

Though, I will say the trip was completely different…

…For one thing, we road tripped

Fort Stockton, TX where we stayed the way there.

It took us 14 hours the first day and 12 the second. But we arrived in Uptown on Saturday night and stayed at my friends cousins’ house.

Uptown is great. It’s small town-y but kind of modern, right by Tulane, a little reminiscent of SLO. Really, really great food too.

Her cousin’s blue house was amazing. He’s a cool guy. Gave us home brewed beer and took us out both to Oak Street Cafe which is a mix of Cajun-California food (run by a San Diegan) and it was great.

We spent Sunday touring Downtown and then worked all week. It was a great trip overall. I feel like I got to know so much more about New Orleans from last time and learned some clutch spots. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back there some time soon.

Please donate to Lower Nine.

I will completely vouch for this organization. Usually I am skeptical about giving to nonprofits because you don’t necessarily know if the money is going to the right places. But they work directly with locals, to provide what residents need. It’s not about fulfilling the interests of government or us volunteers but about helping the people of New Orleans how they need to be helped. It’s an incredible organization and I hope it continues to be supported in the future.

There is still much to be done.


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