Red White and Blueberry Muffins

So I had to make a critical decision last week… muffins DO NOT in fact count as sweets as far as Lent is concerned. Why: 1) The sugar content is very low, esp. in these muffins. The sweetness comes from the blueberries which are primetime. 2) If I don’t eat some kind of baked good for 46 days I might gain 10 pounds overeating to satisfy my urge. Or go insane.

So I made Muffins. Red white and blueberry muffins (don’t lie the pun is sick and it was totally on accident)

I got the recipe from this blog.

 I subbed out blueberry jam for strawberry/raspberry jam. And I had a weird consistency so I added beer… I donno I probably wouldn’t recommend it ha. Thought the muffins went down super smooth. Ultimatley they were a success both at satisfying my need for a baked treat and as a quick morning breakfast when you get rogue called into the Lab and are running out of the house at 6:30am.


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