Halloween Doozy.

Fail for having a real Halloween…. this is now two years in a row I haven’t gotten to properly celebrate… Why? Because my professor decided to have our midterm on Nov 1.

1) Why in the first place would any upper-div bio professor have only one mid term – that means my mid term was worth 40% and the final 60% …. in stead of 2 mid terms like a kind and understanding professor, where each is 25% and the final 50%


2) Why, if a one mid term class, would one make it for the day after halloween? That’s just mean. I’d rather take it early than lose a Halloween… I’m just a child, I want to dress up not study!

So what did I do… I dressed up…. and studied. Ya I sat in a fat tutu with an unnecessarly amount of make up caked on my face, and read through my notes while simultaneously watching a terribly written “scary” movie.

whatever. the life of a pre-med student.

you make it work.


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