I’ve realized I suck at blogging. It’s inevitable, I feel, to be good at blogging, if you truly have no time on your hands (or if you have no hands for that matter). And that is the best description I have had for my summer thus far — no time. But really, I’m currently on vacation and I really wouldn’t have changed a thing. I am loving everything I am doing, and even though it’s a bit hard… I know it’s just a phase in my life I need to push through.


Mostly I’ve been working at the restaurant. Averaging 20 or so hours a week. It’s really more a social hobby than actual job, mostly by the fact that I get payed jack shit, and I’m doing more talking than actual table bussing most days. Though I have learned quite a lot… the “communicative -” or “people skills” I have picked up have not only made me slightly out going, but on paper allowed me acceptance to another summer committment…


Every Wednesday morning I head to Scripps Green Hospital, overlooking the gorgeous Torrey Pines Golf Course, and visit patients that ironically (and unfortunately) don’t get to enjoy the beautiful surroundings they occupy. I joined a club last spring called Color of Healing. The premise is simple – bring art into hospitals as a kind of “therapy” (I really think of it as just presenting some type of distracting activity) for the patients to engage in while they are undergoing treatment. So far I’ve gotten to visit the Cardiology department, General Surgery floor, and last time I even got to see patients in Oncology. It is truly an awesome program and I love getting to spend some time with them… certainly something relevant to my life right now.


As if that weren’t enough, I am also lucky enough to get to live one of my long time dreams: teaching. For Princeton Review the test prep company, I was lucky enough to land a job teaching Ochem. It is certainly different than anything else I’ve really done… I’ve casually tutored but never actually lectured to kids my age. It’s challenging but I love it. The kids can be difficult at times, but I’ve learned that the smoothness of my lectures directly hinges upon my prep time… if I put in the effort it pays off… and thus I shall at least for the remainder of classes.


So even more fortunately, I have found some time to have fun. I’ve gotten down to PB a bit, housed some Italian exchange students, and am now FINALLY on a fantastic vacation in Southern Mexico. Much needed, but unfortunately reality is just around the corner!


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