No more study breaks…. for a while

Yes. Summer is here at last. Which means two weeks of freedom before I start summer school. And I shall take this time for some serious baking, cleaning and a bit of relaxation.

In other news, I am no officially a certified MCAT teacher for Princeton Review (: We’ll pretend that I’m doing it for my love of Ochem more than the $22/hour start rate…. Though, i suppose the best reason for doing this job is to strengthen my resume. I rarely say that, and never do things solely for the purpose of strengthening my resume.*

I was up in Berkeley for training last weekend. The company flew me up, paid for hotel and food. It all sounds great until I think back to last summer when I took that $2000 course and wonder if half of that money was spent simply to make sure instructors flew business class to get basic certification.

Which brings me to the next point, $2000 a course. I wonder how it got so expensive. Especially when it’s people like me that are teaching… Do my teaching skills really warrant that much money? We shall see.

*It’s absurd the amount of people that join organizations, “involve” themselves in volunteer work purely for being able to put on on an application. I suppose that true experience will show in the end, but still.


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