Tip #9 — Go to class

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I reluctantly hurry across campus, only to enter one of the most boring and occasionally frustrating classes I have taken at UCSD. Molecular Biology. It is not in fact because molecular biology cannot be interesting, because in fact I think there is a way to approach protein synthesis and bacterial reproduction that even non-science people would enjoy. But, it is because my class is taught by Miss Swan from Mad TV. I have no problem with foreign teachers. I actually enjoy the fact that most of my classes are taught by people born outside of the US. But I have a serious problem with a professor that expects to teach difficult material without a mastery of the English Language. Frankly, it’s just not fair. the 300+ kids in that class are paying tuition, only to find ourselves with a biologist that does not understand how to teach, nor can proficiently speak English. This class is my hell. 1:20 minutes feels like 3 hours, and this class comes immediately after a 1:20 min lecture by a great doctor, with such monotone oration that we can only help but fall asleep to images of insulin and glucagon battles…

I’ve had some amazing teachers at university, many are pretty good. But Miss Swan and my freshman physics teachers really take the cake, illustrating the sad phenomenon of geniuses with an inability to teach others the complexities that they have mastered. My roommate once told me that the best teachers are those who have struggled with the material themselves, because they can then use their mastery to guide yourown. I’m actually starting to believe it.

In the end my point is no matter how much a class sucks or a teacher refuses to live up to the standards we are guaranteed, it is still necessary, if not more necessary to go to class. With exceptions: if there is a video podcast and you can really sack up to watch it every day, then you’re saving yourself. But for me, this teacher doesn’t even audio podcast, and she tests off her lectures. If this is the case, force yourself to go to class. There is no other way to have hope in such a bleak situation. I know this seems slightly drastic, but if you have ever had awful teachers and know the importance of grades, you will understand.

Make’s you appreciate the brilliant teachers ever more (:


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