Study Break — Parents Weekend

What better way to not study than hang out with your family…..[debatable], but I do love them.

Pi Phi set up a family padres game so we made it out in full force.

Pros and cons for sure:

Pro: Bomb hot dogs. I know they are like the epic left over meat
but nothing says ball park like a good dog (:

Con: The this chick was selling ice cream (tis lone arm out of the croud).

This chick was screaming ice cream. Literally, screaming. I mean people though that some one was dying… can’t say I was the biggest fan of this sales tactic.

Con: the Padres…. we’re blowin it…. 6-0 final score, against Arizona. Come on, everyone was stoked to be there and we only got to cheer like 3 times… So my brothers and I bounced at the “5th inning stretch” ha.

Overall it was a fun time with my family. I mean once you get over the the complete inappropriateness of my brothers and their inability to be mature for 10 seconds, they aren’t awful to hang out with.

The rest of the weekend was good too. Sunday was Pi Phi family brunch, it was mellow, still my brothers were out of control but again something I just need to get used to. Good study break


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