Study Break — “I’m on a Boat”

So last night I took a solid study break for Pi Phi Formal, which for the second year running was on a boat. This meant two things:

1) Wayyy too much of this song  and

2) All the boys dressed like this:

And wielded weapons (i.e plastic swords, hooks, oh, and this cannon)

It was suprisingly not a bad night. I guess after our last event I was expecting the worse. But maybe the risk management lectures kept everyone in check. That or the $$$ fines for littering on the boat, destroying property or going overboard ($300!).                                 Or it could be that they shut down at bar at 9pm. ha. Either way, decent study break


One thought on “Study Break — “I’m on a Boat”

  1. Simply Sweet Wife

    I just love this even though my heart breaks because I didn’t get to be a part of the madness… And your dress is ADORBS as well as the perfect pic of you and Steph. Love my fam!


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