The Point.

Today has is a good day. So far. So far as it’s 11am and despite not going to bed until 3am I’m awake and feeling pretty good. Fiona and I got up at 7:30am and did some

All 3 of my roommates and I do yoga pilates blend Monday and Wednesdays. Usually we complain the it’s not hard enough, and that Alexia our instructor (not yogi), doesn’t work us hard enough, doesn’t talk in a soothing voice, etc. But today it was actually decent. Got a small work out, did some stretching, and actually was able to hold my sun salutation correctly, and not fall down. I planned on running back from the studio, but it was sprinkling raining, so I decided to decline, and make some bomb

YES. Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes reminiscent of some good Jack Johnson, although I can’t unfortunately pretend like it’s the weekend… Given I have a meeting at 1, office hours at 2:30, class at 5, chapter meeting at 8, and homework to complete.

If not already apparent, the case I make for getting into med school is living a balance life. No one score, point average, or activity can get you in. Plus, who wants to live a one-sided life anyways? Life is too short to not do what you love. Yes sometimes school or studying sucks, and you might not be necessarily doing what you love. But it’s having the right of mind to plan ahead, so that the majority of your life will be spent doing what you love. I honestly think that is the most important thing that all people can aim for. You want to be able to look back years later and reflect on the good life you have lived. I try to live balanced, so that I can both prepare for my future, and still have small moments of bliss every week. The real point is that living a balance life is so much more than just getting into med school, its about fulfillment. Life is more than med school, despite what many of my fellow pre meds would say. And I think if they just acknowledged that fact, they would be even closer to reaching their goal.

Live balanced, be happy.

Check The Pastry Affair for some delicious, healthy pancakes.


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