Study Break — Boston, MA

Last weekend I took the ultimate study break. Which sounds good, until you remember the consequences of study breaks and then you kind of have to cringe at the thought of not studying for 3 days straight. I got to visit Boston! I had never been there before, and I absolutely loved it. I was so sad that I only got to stay 3 days really.

But more importantly, I got to meet my great aunt Paula, who turned 90, and probably 30 other family members I had never seen before. She is an amazing woman, so sharp for being 90.

Furthermore, I got to visit schools! Boston University Medical School was the best.

I love the campus, the mix of early 1900s brick architecture and the somewhat less appealing 1960s concrete buildings. But, definitely somewhere I could see myself going to school. Gotta get back to visit this campus asap.


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