Ehhh Hmmm

Okay lets be honest with ourselves here. With Spain and all that jamon, not to mention countless recipes from Joy the Baker to please my seemedly starved roommates:

I have gained a few pounds.

And thus a course of action must be taken, although I am taking quite a different route than my peers . I’m sad to report that if you click the link, you will note that 15% of women between the ages of 17-24 have an eating disorder.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t witness this every day.

Not in my house because I have amazing roommates that have been blessed with unconquerable fitness, but my last roommates, one of my best friends, and a surprising amount of boys have had or still are dealing with an eating disorder… Yes, begin in Greek life exposes you to materialism at its finest, and all the splendid disorders that comes with it.

But how can we change this?

I don’t want to be pessimistic, but I truly don’t know if it’s possible. The media, cannot carry the burden of total blame, but still, photoshop has made impossibly skinny the very visible norm. And if the camera really adds 10 lbs, then I’m surprised half of celebrities haven’t wasted away. Even if you can resist falling for the new standard, it doesn’t mean that everyone around you has done the same. Honestly, it is hard to watch 120 lb sorority girls keep it to one orange a day, or fit frat boys refuse to eat Taco Bell because they are dieting for their Spring Formal.

But despite all this, I refuse to not eat. For one, it’s not quite healthy, unless you call high blood pressure and cholesterol levels at age 20 normal… Second, I have developed quite a fondness for good food. Ever since coming back from Spain, wheat bread and chicken breasts just aren’t the talk of the town anymore (like they ever were ha). And finally, I’d like to think that it might be okay to not be minute (aka tiny, not the minute like 1/60th of an hour). Maybe as long as I’m eating healthy, that’s what really matters. I’d like to hope I wont get judged too severely for having what I see as a fairly normal body type. But, then again I’m in college. Then again I’m in a sorority.

Let’s be optimistic (:

So dance I shall. Yes my game plan is dancing. Not ballroom, not salsa (my original plan), but breaking it down with some good ol’ beats, in my room, alone, for like, as long as I can without falling down dead. It is, not surprisingly, much more fun then the 5 mile runs I occasionally decide to take. And I can just wig out like a mad woman and no one can see me! Sometimes makes me wish I had done dance rather than sports in high school…. but not really because too many good times in 15 passenger water polo vans that I will never forget ha.

Okay fine back to studying like a good little premed.




One thought on “Ehhh Hmmm

  1. Simply Sweet Wife


    You’re amazing. Just amazing.

    You know where I stand with all this… It’s such a heart breaking thing, but so hard to break the circle because the standards are absolutely absurd for any normal, eating girl to compete with. I love you for taking this head on and being so honest. I’m only sticking with running because dancing would lead to broken bones and such.

    Love you.


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