Tip #4 — Living up to your leadership position.

Sometimes I pretend I’m really mature, and that I’m done learning anything in life (other than medicine of course). Who am I kidding I always pretend I’m more mature than I am…

…But then sometimes things happen, to ground me, and remind me that I have so much more to learn…

Lesson of the day: Taking leadership position does not in fact mean you are taking a leadership role.

Anyone can find some random club or organization and get the title. If you go to college, you know how to compete, you do it every day in your classes what makes you think you can’t do it in an organization too? But just because you gain a title doesn’t mean your living through that responsibility. I’ve come to realize that it’s important to take an active leadership role–

1. You will quickly find out if you are the leader your parents, always so humbly, said you were. I don’t think anyone is a leader by accident, and I hardly think anyone is a leader that doesn’t want to be. It’s time to put the talents God gave you to the test!

2. In parallel with #1 — you learn about yourself. Subjecting yourself to difficult situations that require leadership skills and complex problem solving only allow you to grow as a person and to find out just how successful you are.

3. It’s purely living up to your responsibilities. You took the role, you committed to working hard and helping others succeed. People depend on you and you have a duty to carry out your task at hand. Shrinking from a difficult problem is not the path. As a leader it is important to be strong, even if inside you are unsure, outwardly carry yourself high and work through it.

4. As stupid as this sounds (I could kick myself for writing this, but alas, I say this to new Pi Phi’s all the time), you could really inspire someone to take a leadership roll as well. Leading by example is pertinent to be a guider, as well as a leader. Promote the best interests of your organization by working hard and demonstrating the challenges and rewards of leadership.

So yeah. Today I learned that while it’s easy to sit passively, and watch endless opportunities fly by, I could technically say I’m a leader. But neither my peers nor myself will believe it unless my actions personify the title that I hold.



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