Tip #7 – Take a Diverse Course load

Key to getting into med school is being well rounded. duh. If I need to be more clear that means taking a load of humanities classes you have little to no experience in, and often times aren’t very interested in. Luckily, I love history. Unluckily, my roommates talked me into signing up for the most deadly Polisci class ever. Not only does it present 100s of pages of dense reading a week, it so damn subjective and wack that I forgot what it was like to not learn pure fact, and how frustrated that can make it. Alas, endocrinology and molecular biology is my escape. Oh yeah, that probably sounds weird. Once again I forgot that normal people don’t take joys in learning about the mechanisms of sodium regulation in the kidney, or reverse transcriptase viruses. Anyways I don’t think I’m off the charts by saying the Political Psychology taught by Darren Schreiber could be the most jacked class I have ever taken.

Alas. It is important to take a diverse course load, hence, but I think the aim is to take humanities classes that are intesting, because hands down it’s better to maintain your GPA then take a load of random classes you can’t pass.

Adventures in Polisci land to continue the next 10 weeks…

Yay tomorrow is Friday. Gotta get to business on ordering lamb kidney and eyes so I can do some more dissections.

Practice makes perfect.


2 thoughts on “Tip #7 – Take a Diverse Course load

  1. schorrmore

    I know what you mean- it feels very weird writing what my opinions are in the less science-y classes. Why does the teacher want to hear a bunch of student opinions? I don’t get it. Kidney sodium regulation sounds way better…


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