Philanthropy Success!

I organized a Pi Phi blood drive today on campus. Despite my initial worries about getting girls to come out, we did amazing. Yes, this was probably in part because if they didn’t come they cant go to formal ha. But still, I mean we filled up ALL the bags they had. Yes, I repeat, we had to stop the blood drive short because they ran out of bags. Pi Phi: 1, Red Cross: 0. I even gave blood, which was much more of a success that in High School when I gave blood and walked out of the van only to hit the ground due to blood loss ha. Yep, pretty much the only time I have ever passed out in my life.

A lot of people don’t realize how important it is to give blood, but I learned a few things today:

1) Every unit counts — Someone getting blood transfusion from cancer will need 8 units a week… for a long time…

2) Gun shot wounds need 50 units… so you are either really helping out a victim, or indirectly eating up tax dollars when your blood saves a criminal who then gets to stand trial for felony charges… hmm…. let’s be optimistic.

3) They do not sell the blood to the hospitals (one of our OWN pi phi girls was running around telling people that. Great way to get people to donate blood. {fail}).

Either way it was a great success and I feel very accomplished. But enough procrastinating, back to studying!


Some of our girls by the Blood Mobile (Yes, when you donate tiger blood you are winning...)


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