Rule #1. Tip #6

Finished my first final tonight. yay. Ochem lab over. It took all my strength to come back home and not bake, though to be completely honest I made the dough its just rising in the fridge ha. I really need to get over this sick addiction. Well, it’s better than cocaine I guess, which is more than half the people I know can say.

Fiona and I gave up facebook for lent, it’s been a struggle.

But alas, back to my point. My baking habit has been taking away from my studies, which sucks. Coming back from Spain was hard in some ways, one of which was studying. Going from 2 months of 9 hours a day, to 4 months of 9 hours a week, to now has been kind of chaotic. I can’t get myself to sit down and focus. And there are more reasons than just studying abroad. That is why I love Dr. Bob. Or, my dedication to his office hours/his benevolence towards the fact that I lug myself up to his office every week, and even came an hour early today (I had nothing better to do, I was bored). But as we reviewed over “possible” final questions that I would be embarking on in T-2 hours, I got the picture that he was helping me out more than I knew. It was a good mini-review sesh. Without which I probably wouldn’t have done too well on the final. Like I said kids, get to know your professors. Here in lies the key to good grades, knowledge, letters of rec, etc. Nothing can ever be bad about putting in the time to get to know them, so you just gotta do it.


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