Rule #1 — GPA

I think finals might be the most appropriate time to elaborate on the first rule of getting into med school. Getting the GPA. This was the original acceptance factor, which over decades lost importance with the creation of the MCAT and the emphasis on extracurriculars, is re-entering the the top spot for selection criteria. Why? Because you spend 4 years working on your GPA while the MCAT is a 5 hour sit-down session. Yes, there is so much more to an application than just GPA. But without GPA, it is nearly impossible to get accepted. (see 1-Armed Amputee Saves Village From Rare Infectious Virus. jk. kind of…) Point being is if you’re a normal student, and normal within reason, and thus 99% of the applicant pool, you will need the GPA. While obviously there are classes that are unfair, or easy, and schools vary in levels of difficulty, competition, etc. GPA is the only way to have some kind of basis for your level of “intelligence” versus other applicants. MCAT does this as well, but GPA is a long term, multi-term factor which can tell a lot about an applicant. Someone who started strong and sloped off either lost ambision, or was faced with harder classes possibly, or just stopped caring. Would you want someone who stops caring over an extended period of time to be your doctor? Or someone who struggled initially, earning 3.3, 3.4s and worked their way up to 3.8 and 3.9 in later semesters probably experienced the initial shock of college, but recovered, and demonstrates that they are willing to continue to persevere and not give up despite initial disappointment. Members of the Admissions committee consider these things, truly. And will try to decipher as much as they can about you from your GPA. If anything, i preach about having fun and enjoying college (I wasn’t always like this trust me), but you still have to remember your GPA. Too much fun now, and trust me, if you were really meant to be a doctor life won’t be a lot of fun later on. At least that’s how I feel. So I try to work hard. aka post about baking and stupid non-school related things. Do as a same not as I do damnit. Just kidding, I study too… a bit…



For the day I have taken up residence in this empty classroom. I did this last quarter and I quickly realized that studying in a small discussion classroom is thousands of times better than trying to find a quite, nice area of the library during finals week. It’s peaceful here, and has chalkboards which are probably the most fun thing to study on ever. Last year I even fired up the projector and watched South Park on a study break ha. That or played music over the surround sound speakers… can you believe they just leave these classrooms open? Score.


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