Why blog?

Primarily, I figured a blog is the best way to keep in touch with everyone, (we’re going to pretend my Spain “blog” didn’t exist given that in 4 months I could only “find the time” to post probably 10 times.) Since I’m “busy” with school, work, and life, I might as well try to have some means by which you guys can know what I’m up to, ie. read about the random stuff I do when I’m putting off studying. Joke. Kind of. I promise to include the important stuff too. Such as the volunteer projects I’m working on (literacy and youth education) or my current research project (Medical Field Site Selection). You might just get to learn things about me you never knew, or never wanted to ha. Like my current obsession with baking, or weird fascination with reading the news.

But my blog also has a secondary purpose. Inferior to the main reason I created this site, but nonetheless. The past 3 years I have been madly embarking on a path to medical school. I only which I could have started this blog upon my entrance to college, because the fun, depressing, crazy, obscene, scary experiences I have had would so enrich the second intention of this blog.

I am going to explain how to get into med school.

Higginbotham style. aka. With practicality, and by following 2 simple rules, but with a bit of immaturity, irresponsibility, risk. Why? Because life should be fun. No matter how much you want to go to med school, I have learned the importance of letting go a little. For the simple sake of looking back on college in 10, 20, or even 30 years and laughing. I know myself. If i walked the moon and went to Stanford med but looked back on college with only memories of phosphokinases, fisher esterification, or ohms law, I’d never be satisfied. Thus, I have chosen a path that may have hurt me in parts of the application, but I still firmly believe has given me the character to succeed further than my brilliant, yet antisocial peers. I haven’t been perfect in all of my decisions, but I can only hope that these experiences have given me an understanding and insight into the real world. This may make or break me as a potential applicant to prestigious universities, I truly don’t know. And, at this point, with only a few months until applications, we can only hope for the former : )


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