Tip #4 Take a Leadership Position

If you’re going to be a doctor, you better enjoy having reins.

Luckily I do. Which is why while abroad I applied for VP of Philanthropy of my sorority (ΠΒΦ). It works for me. I get to take a leadership position in planning all of our philanthropic events. Which theoretically means I get to read the precious little kids for CAR (Champions Are Readers®), or channel my artistic side into designing a T-shirt for Pi Phi Surf Comp (May 15). Buuuut we all know that not all theories, are proven valid. (See Wikipedia for Conspiracy theories ).

My main point is take a leadership position, expect both the fun of getting to help shape your organization and the weight of paper work and responsibilities. I’ve just spend the past week trying to fill out a simple form to organize a blood drive on campus next month. I spend 3 hours this morning e-mailing and on the phone to try to figure it all out, when in all serious I should be focusing on Rule #1 and getting my Chem assignment done! (That and not blogging might help too, ha.)


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