Day: 20–5 mile run

Yay I did it! Honestly I’m more happy I could come up with a suitable route than actually being physically capable of running 5 miles. It went well. A little leg/the normal foot pain. Bought some insoles though! Another mellow week and 5 mile run ahead…. now time to begin dreading the 6 mile run…


Day 17: 3.5 mile run

All I learned last night was ALWAYS pee before running. always. always. I cannot stress that enough. And I have certainly scarred myself to remember because feeling everything slosh around is awful and awkward and painful and not fun!!! always pee before running!!!

Day 16: Yogaworks

Lovely night at yogaworks. I wasn’t feeling great before hand but coach pushed me into it. I’m actually glad I went, it was some needed stretching after a long few days and I even got a little crazy and did some inversions and a hand stand ha. I’m sure I will be cursing myself tomorrow when my arms feel like they are going to fall off. Surprisingly I did not throw up despite my large dinner immediately before hand, but again, the yoga class I take is mostly stretching and holding poses so I was in the clear. Another 100 degree day here in LA… supposed to be similar tomorrow so likely another night run on the menu… which means another night trip to death alley ha, maybe I will learn to love it. No protein shake tonight. Not too sore, though I really need some new shoes or insoles or something because I can feel my feet giving out and I’m way to early in the game for that. Actually, I’m cheap so I’ll probably just research various plantar fasciitis prevention techniques/alternative therapies from home!

Day 15: 3.5 mile run

Ahh I was too busy stressing about my 5 mile Sunday to really soak up that I’m doing 3.5s Tu/Th now. But alas, I sacked up and created a new 3.5 mile route that I can do twice a week that takes me a little off the beaten path. And when I say off the beaten path what I really mean is through a neighborhood that looks straight out of Friday The 13th. Thank the lord that my boyfriend was an angel and agreed to bike next to me so I could push it back to 9pm but seriously if I had done it alone I probably would have ran 7 minute miles or something ridiculous because I would have been sprinting my ass off to get off that creepy street. Overall it was a good run. beautiful 70 degrees, I still couldn’t believe I was sweating that much so late at night. But it was a refreshing break from the norm having a running companion and ditching Pandora music for once. And I didn’t even think twice about downing a protein shake because I’ve learned skipping a meal pre-run is probably not ideal…

Day 15: YogaWorks

I guess I will also need to mentally prepare myself to say goodbye to yoga. I suppose it’s a good and bad thing. I definitely did not mind the stretching or being told what to do, but I don’t know if downward dog and childs pose really counts as “cross training” per say. I mean I’m rolling with a novice training plan here but I still don’t know if I can justify that when I was gladly rolling around with weights in the gym just a month ago. But I must say yoga is so fun because it really it a stretch fest + epic people watching. The people that come are awesome, everyone is seriously so in touch with themselves it allows me remind myself not to take myself too seriously when I am struggling on downward dog or shaking on a lengthy plank. Anyways. All good things come to an end. Only one more week of Yog

Day 14: 4 mile run

Alas, I must say goodbye to the comfortable 4 mile run on Sundays. Twas a good run indeed. I actually didn’t need any outside motivation to get out of bed and hit the road. It was a bit warm, I guess I will soon be saying goodbye to sleeping in and opting for early morning temps in the 60s. Notables from Sunday’s run — watched a coyote hunt a quail and subsequently dodge animal control… then later thought the leaf russling was another predator but turned out to be a homeless man taking a leak. A day in the life in LA that’s for sure. No leg pains yet (yay) feet are sore so might need to look into some insoles or new shoes when I get an income. Oh wait… Anyways mentally preparing for jacking up my Tu/Th 3 milers to 3.5 and for a personal best (whomp whomp) of 5 miles on Sunday ha. Good times, good times.

Day 9: 3 mile run

Day 9 went pretty well. Again it was a me laying on the ground with one shoe one and the boyfriend yelling at me kind of day… but I’m mostly come to the realization that that’s how training will be, at least until the school year is over. The run felt not bad. It cooled down to 65 so that was primetime. Legs hurt a bit. I definitely need to kick up the stretching. No protein shake (: I’m avoiding as much as possible because I’ve learned the chocolate mocha cappuccino is not really my game… maybe once we use this up I’ll go for a more tame flavor since I’m definitely not as advanced as 3 flavors in one whey shake ha. Alas, off to study!